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Darryl W. Graves, Sr., LAUSD Food Services Manager

DARRYL W. GRAVES, SR., FOOD SERVICES MANAGER WESTCHESTER ENRICHMENT SCIENCE MAGNET SCHOOL, LAUSD LOS ANGLES, CA Origin: Natchez, Mississippi Darryl Graves, who’s been cooking for 31 years, is an accomplished chef whose resume includes everything from fine dining to hospitals, … Continue reading

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Los Angeles, California

The mega-city of Los Angeles, the heart of Los Angeles County, is built upon the foundations of El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles, “The City of Our Lady Queen of the Angels”, founded in 1781 by … Continue reading

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Navaseia ‘Nava’ Belle, LAUSD Food Services Manager

NAVASEIA ‘NAVA’ BELLE, FOOD SERVICES MANAGER JORDAN HIGH SCHOOL (WATTS), LAUSD LOS ANGELES, CA Origin: Born in Los Angeles, roots are Arkansas and Louisiana Nava learned cooking at her grandmother’s side, “and she’s a really great cook. She’s 85 now, … Continue reading

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Tips : How to clean your espresso machine

Cleaning your espresso machine is a great way to ensure that it won’t stop working anytime soon and would always provide you with quality espresso. While many people think that it is not important to clean your espresso machine every … Continue reading

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Why we only use Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers for our lunches

KitchenAid is one of the most prominent names in the field of cooking and an unbeatable favorite of most professional chefs and bakers. With its versatile and durable stand mixers, it is still known as the best Stand Mixer Company … Continue reading

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Earth Day and End of Year Update

Post by Cody Williams Here is a snapshot of topics I am currently involved with at this busy time of year! In lieu of Earth Day I thought I would do my first post on Who’s Cooking School Lunch!  There … Continue reading

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Announcing Chef Cody Williams as CoBlogger

We are happy to announce that Chef Cody Williams, the dynamic Director of Food Service at Sonoma Valley Unified School District, is joining our blog, Who’s Cooking School Lunch, as a co-blogger. Cody has introduced a number of innovations into … Continue reading

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Lodi’s Family Dinner from around the World

What’s for dinner? Nancy Rostimily, Lodi Unified School District’s Food Service Director, decided it would be an international taste of salads, along with hot chicken noodle soup and bread as well as fresh Mandarin oranges, locally sourced and so sweet, … Continue reading

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Something Special is Cooking in Yolo County’s Head Start Kitchen

Yolo’s County’s Head Start program, under the leadership of Stephanie Gray, Nutrition Services Coordinator, has some new flavors coming to their meal program. Black-eye Pea Salad, Baked Sweet Potato with Cheese and Broccoli Topping and Corn and Cheese Grits. Lorena … Continue reading

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Five Flavor Culinary Course Inspires School Food Service

The food heritage of many immigrant and first generation students is rich and fascinating, largely healthy, and vastly untapped in school lunch — so we, Evans & Brennan, designed a half-day course for School District Food Service to introduce five … Continue reading

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