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We don’t usually post job announcements — but this one is too good to pass up, and, we’re getting a lot of college students reading the blog now who are very interested in farm to school and making a difference in school lunch — this shows there are jobs out there. As well, some of our friends cooking school lunch, whom we’ve interviewed, just might want to give this a try, or know of someone who would. Our friend, colleague and Gail Feenstra, Deputy Director, Food Systems Coordinator, Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program (SAREP), Agricultural Sustainability Institute (ASI) at UC Davis, asked us to post. For more information on Gail, check out our blog on her thoughts as a national farm to school leader on the recent national farm to school conference in Austin, TX.


UC Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program

Apply by July 10


Under the direction of the Food and Society Academic Coordinator and in collaboration with external partners, plan and implement farm to school evaluations at school district, county and statewide levels. Collect and analyze procurement data, cafeteria environment scans, menu analyses, school garden and farm tour data, recycling/composting data and changes in children’s consumption patterns and or food preferences. Conduct and evaluate professional development activities (cooking classes, garden workshops, etc.) Develop evaluation protocols, conduct interviews and surveys, develop data spreadsheets, summarize research results and write reports. Synthesize results and write articles for peer-reviewed journals; do presentations for professional and practitioner audiences. Represent the Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program’s (SAREP’s) Farm to School activities at local, state and national gatherings.

Help to organize and execute urban ag tours with youth in the Bay Area/ Sacramento. Develop urban agriculture tour curricula and training materials involving youth with input from advisors; work with 4-H and Urban Ag NGO leaders to develop content, revise and finalize for widespread distribution. Manage logistics of Urban Ag tours including communication, transportation, food, and educational materials. Conduct outreach about the urban ag tours, focusing on social media and new forms of electronic outreach; involve youth in the outreach. Organize all project documents and write progress and final reports.

Research grant opportunities and help write grant proposals to fund SAREP’s Food and Society initiatives.



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