Tips : How to clean your espresso machine

Cleaning your espresso machine is a great way to ensure that it won’t stop working anytime soon and would always provide you with quality espresso. While many people think that it is not important to clean your espresso machine every day I would like to tell you that if you don’t want to maintain your machine’s durability then you can certainly ignore the daily cleaning. If you are cleaning your espresso machine daily, you make it easier to descale it and perform a thorough cleaning on it once in every few weeks. If you are looking to open any cafe, then check commercial espresso machine reviews.

Here are a few tips to how you can keep your espresso machine cleaned at all times.

Daily Cleaning

It is vital to clean your espresso machine if you don’t want to end up with a machine that doesn’t work anymore. Daily cleaning can also help you in making your espresso machine look as good as new. Here are a few steps to follow to clean your espresso machine daily:

  • You need to throw the coffee remains and detach the handles from the espresso brewing hands to prepare your machine for cleaning.
  • Then, take your espresso machine brush and use it to scrub any coffee residual which remains. Make sure there is nothing left behind.
  • Now, choose a handle and insert a blank filter into the handle. You would need to remove the old used filter first before you replace it with a new one.
  • Now take a teaspoon of MULCLEAN and add it to your new filter. Now, re-attach the handle with the new filter and MULCLEAN and run the brew head for 10 seconds and then switch it off. Don’t remove the handle. Now, run the group head for 10 seconds and then switch it off.
  • Now, run the group for the final 10 seconds run and then switch off and remove the handle. Make sure you run the group head for a final 10 seconds run to drain any residual chemical from the machine.
  • You need to perform the step 4 and 5 with other groups.
  • Take out the metal drip tray and clean it.
  • Make sure you also clean the drain which is likely to catch a lot of residual coffee grounds from the run.
  • Replace your drip tray and leave all the parts to dry overnight.

Descaling your Espresso Machine

For descaling your espresso machine, you would need to create a descaling solution. You will need to consult your manufacturer’s notes to see what can be used as a descaling solution. Once your solution is ready, you would need to disassemble all the parts of the machine. Remove the portafilter, basket, steam wand, etc. and then clean them with the help of the cleaning solution. Freshpresso has given best espresso machine reviews.

You can soak the machine parts in the cleaning solution and then fill the water reservoir of the machine with this solution. Then run a brew cycle so that the machine’s insides can get thoroughly cleaned. You also need to let the solution sit for 20 minutes before you start the machine and after you run a cycle so that the mineral deposits get broken down by the espresso machine.

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